Delivery Services
Book a delivery service online according to goods type. 


Dispatch Services

Delivery service for common envelops, documents, parcels or small to larges boxes.

Cake Delivery

Delivery service for whole cakes which require careful handling in chilled environment.

Food Delivery

Delivery service for warm food. Stored in a thermal bag to keep warm through-out the delivery.


Frozen Delivery

Delivery service for frozen foods. Stored in a foam thermal to maintain frozen temperature.

Sushi Delivery

Delivery service for sushi or maki platters which require careful handling in chilled environment.

Runner Service

Que-ing, ticketing pickups, sending errands, groceries purchase,  clocking in service.


Signage Delivery

Delivery service for signage with handling care. No folding, no bending, careful abrasive protection.

Frame Delivery

Delivery service for picture frame, fragile, heavy careful handling that may require to handle glass.

Mover Services

Bulky items for transportation which requires the whole 2.4m van space ready at service.

Mooncake Delivery

Delivery service for baked or chilled mooncakes. Specially for festive occasions.

Cookie Delivery

Delivery service for festive cookies. Specially for festive occasions.

Hamper Delivery

Delivery service for baked or chilled mooncakes. Specially for festive occasions.





Booking Procedures

Step by step instructions on how to make bookings.

Select Date/Time

After selecting the appropriate goods type, select the available date and time indicated on the booking portal.


Enter Details

Provide the pickup & delivery details and do ensure to input in mobiles phones so you will receive SMS notifications.


Make Payment

To confirm the bookings, make payment by debit or credit cards to secure your pickup or delivery slots.



Instant Confirmation

Upon successful transaction, an SMS will be sent to you to confirm your bookings slots.

Service Features
All of our bookings includes the follow features.

Island-wide Delivery

We provide island-wide delivery including Sentosa. List of no-go places are available for read here.

Live GPS Tracking

Customers are able to view the location of our delivery agents just before pickup or during delivery to recipient.

Confirm Pickup

Every booking made with us is a confirm pickup and will ensure that all jobs are completed within time stipulated.

SMS Notification

Every pickup and delivery completion, customer will receive SMS to notify of the jobs status.

Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery speed from pickup time selected. 12 hours advance bookings required.

3 Hour Delivery

Delivery speed within within 3 hr from pickup time selected. 12 hr advance booking required.

1 Hour Delivery

Delivery speed within 1 hr from pickup time selected 12 hr advance booking required.

Super Urgent

Last minute delivery service. Immediate pickup and deliver within 1hr. Only require 1 hr advance booking.




Storage Services
Storage facilities which includes pickup of goods and delivery to any local address.

Warehouse Storage

Utilise our warehouse for any of your storage needs. Service includes pickup and one time delivery to any local address.

Chilled Cake Storage

Store your cakes in our chilled facilities and deliver to any local address at a later date or when needed at a much discounted rate.

Frozen Food Storage

Store your frozen food in our frozen facilities and deliver to any local address at a later date or when needed at a much discounted rate.

Frozen Raw Food

Store your frozen raw food in our frozen facilities and deliver to any local address at a later date or when needed at a much discounted rate.



Other Services
Feel free to browse more of our services.

Discount Package

Frequent on our service? Buy a package & save as much as 30% for all your bookings.

Flyer Distribution

We do flyer distribution service according to zones of residential, commercial or industrial zones.

e-Commerce Delivery

The last mine fulfillment for eCommerce business needs. Get connected to our fleet and we get it delivered.

e-Commerce Setup

Set up your ecommerce online store with us and link all orders to our delivery agents instantly.

Dedicated Ridership

Need a full time rider to be stationed at your premises for the on demand delivery? Hire us.

Hire Forklift Driver

You can utilize our forklift driver for a minimum of 1hr to assist in lifting or shifting pallets in your warehouse.

Hire Service Runner

Service runners for your organisation errand needs. Pick a document, take queue number, wait, submit clearance etc.


Drone Delivery

Drone delivery to offshore vessels, nearby island, rooftop building. Service requires drone port activation.

Drone Surveillance

Use our drones to take surveillance images or life feed video for your operational eagle eyes.


Frozen Truck Rental

Rent our frozen truck inclusive of driver, fuel and manpower to load & unload your items.

Purchase Ice

Purchase ice directly from our ice truck partners and get ice delivered to your door steps.

Fleet Management

Vehicle tracking system, job deployment applications,  setting up operations and control center.

Food Ordering System

We do setup of a standalone food ordering system that includes online payment for your business. .

e-Commerce Storage

Rent our warehouse inc of pickup & deliver to the storage and get discounts for deliveries out to your customers.

Generator Rental

Rent portable power generator for outdoor camping , outdoor events, fishing trips, outdoor picnics.


Book Bouncy Castle

Rent and book our partner’s bouncy castle. We deliver and do the setup.