Dedicated Ridership

This service is great for customers who have plenty of documents , parcels to deliver and would like to save time from the hassle to key in all the necessary address one by one in the booking forms. Subscribe to our dedicated ridership and our riders will be coming to your office to pickup all items and get it deliver the next working day . We will do the sorting out for you and capture every address. Your subscription fee is used to off set the total amount first, balance we shall bill it to you every end of the month. No administrative needed to key in booking forms. Save more time in our service plans of dedicated ridership.

If you are ready to go ahead to subscribe to our service plans, click on the following options. Please get ready your company registration number, name,  contact number of key personnel in your company and your credit card details to subscribe. Click here to download the full price list .
If you have any enquiries with regards to Dedicated Ridership services, you may email us at or whatapp us at +65 96685444. The above plan is valid for only local deliveries only, Singapore.


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